Monday, September 14, 2009

JPSA #3 ISU presents Gotcha G Land Pro in Ibaraki, Japan (Wrap Up)

Yesterday was the last day of the JPSA ISU presents the Gotcha G Land Pro at Oarai, Ibaraki. Unfortunately for Team Hawaii, Kekoa, Nick and I never made the podium, but our buddy Darren Turner won the event!

Stop #3 on the JPSA Tour in Oarai, Ibaraki, Japan

Dazza ripping his way to victory in front of Aqua World

The Tajima Ohana was in Ibaraki to cheer on Daddy (Teppei) to win the Expression Session and a cool $2,000.00. (Jin, Teppei and Mie Tajima)

Nick Mita going straight up and eliminating me from the competition with only one good knee. Nah j/k. Nickhead is coming off of a gnarly knee injury and has been training hard with Kimo Middlesworth and the boys at Kamehameha. He game me a dose of my own medicine. Looks like I gotta get back on the program. So stoked to see Nick getting back to 100%!!!

I would like to send out a big Mahalo to Taka, Koichi and Tomoko for taking such great care of us in Ibaraki! Here we are Shakas, Peace Signs and Smiles by all! See you again next year!!!

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