Sunday, October 11, 2009

2009 Malibu presents Hyuga Pro

Today is the final day of the Malibu Hyuga Pro in Japan.
It's Monday there, and Sunday here in Hawaii. Click the
link above to take you right to the live webcast.

My boy Nick Mita is double dipping doing both MCing &
Competing. He's making double pay and still sleeping in
his van to save that's one "chang" buggah.
Nah, j/k no arm bar me....hahaha. Anyway Nick is in Qtr.
2 and coming off a big win over his rival Shiba Jun, haha.

Nick is also sharing the same sleeping space with Kekoa
"Kimbo". This van must have good mana because Kekoa
got 2 perfect 10's in the contest. (Who's judging the JPSA
judges or what...nah joke) No sabo-blog me ah....hahaha.

The third amigo who got conned into sleeping inside of
the car by the other two mentioned buggaz is Dustin boy!
Dustin has been the stand out of the WQS side with 3 heat
wins. Point totals of 17.25, 18.o and 17.45. He's now in the
Quarter Final #1. It's great to see Dustin competing in
Japan and raising the level there!

Keep an eye out for all the Ronin Eyewear team riders
still competing in this event. Good luck boys!

Quater Final, Heat 1
Yellow-Dustin Cuizon
White-Masahiro Suzuki

Quarter Final, Heat 3
Yellow-Naohisa Ogawa

Pro Jr
Quarter Final, Heat 4
Yellow-Gai Sato

Semi Final, Heat 2
White-Hiroto Arai

Semi Final, Heat 1
Red-Hiroto Arai
White-Takumi Yasui

Semi Final, Heat 2
Red-Gai Sato
White-Yugo Kawabata

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