Monday, October 5, 2009

Congrats Kekoa!!

A big congrats to Kekoa "Kimbo" Uemura for taking down the All Japan Pro at Taito Beach in Chiba, Japan this past weekend! Kekoa was in the running for the Grand Champion Title with Taiki Mori. It all came down to the math of how who did what, but in the end Kekoa's goal was to win the event and to not worry about anyone else and he did just that!

After a month of traveling and surfing together, Kekoa was more than ready for this event. To be completely honest, I think its all of the shortboard that Kekoa has been doing that is actually making him more dangerous on the longboard side of things. I remember when I was longboarding last year, it made shortboarding more enjoyable. You draw different lines and it forces you to read the wave differently depending on what board you are riding.

Great way to end off the 2009 JPSA season for Kekoa. I know he'd be psyching to accomplish his other goal in the short board and qualify for his professional license in 2010. On behalf of myself and the Ronin Family...Thank You Kekoa for your hard work and dedication to our brand!

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