Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm really proud to post this blog on behalf of my braddahz from Japan Keisuke Imada and Hisamitsu "Broken" Iijima! Keiske and Broken are the dynamic duo that is Budiasa! Clips is Budiasa's newest project and by the looks of the cover shuvits really grab my attention.

When I'm in Japan with Nickhead and Brokeneck, these guys are always working with us to get the "Clips"! All of our surfing has gotten better because of Budiasa's projects. I really enjoy working with them because of their passion for surfing and laid back lifestyle. I'm excited to hear the soundtrack that they've picked out! Budiasa also does a great job of profiling the future generations! Check the trailer:

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  1. Yeah Batz!
    Batz has a gnarly section and displays his skills, along with the whole crew in this video.
    A definite MUST BUY!
    Good job, Keisuke and Wo kun!