Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ronin Eyewear Groms

Today I went up to Sunset Beach to meet up with my two grom team riders for Ronin Eyewear. Takumi Yasui from Kamogawa, Japan is here surfing and training for the winter season. Takumi is staying with Mahina Maeda's house, the perfect spot for an up and coming Japanese grommet!

Mahina wearing Ninja-White-Gradation Lens Takumi wearing NO.3-White-Gradation Lens

Takumi and Mahina have such big futures ahead of them and I'm stoked to be apart of it! I remember what it was like being a surf stoked grom, all I wanted to do is surf and that's just how these two are. It's so awesome.

Mahina Maeda and Takumi Yasui, Sunset Beach 2009

So today I went over and shot them for the Ronin Eyewear Japan Blog and for our upcoming Ads and catalogues for 2010 in Japan! Right after we were done shooting, the kids were out the door to go surf Freddyland. Classic!

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