Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Board Rack

I've been busy cleaning up my house lately. Since I've been gone on the road so much as of late, the chores around the house have been building up. So I finally buckled down and cleaned up the garage. This thing was packed with pretty much all my stuff from when we moved out from the North Shore.
With all the new found space, I decided that I needed a board rack. My boards were taking a beating just being stacked and placed where ever they could fit. So now they are very nice and happy! Look at them. Now they look ready for the Triple Crown!!!


  1. Whoa! Who made that???
    That thing is sick!

  2. chee I made em. I taking orders too. I give good rates and da bugga work too. hahaha

  3. Hahaha!
    Brah! Looks pretty mean!
    You should take orders.